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September 10-16, 2023

September 10th Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Virgo until the 23rd. On the 23rd the Sun moves into Libra and it is the Autumn Equinox. The beginning of the Fall Season. In the meantime, we are finishing up the Summer Season. Fixing and...

September 1-9, 2023

September 1st Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus has been in Leo since June 5th. She went retrograde on July 22nd, still in Leo taking a deeper look. What we want and where we stand! Venus will go direct on Sunday bringing solutions. Venus will leave Leo...

August 6-12, 2023

August 6th Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Leo and we are putting our hearts into what we are doing. Getting in touch with all that makes us happy. Venus is retrograde in Leo until September 3rd then remains in Leo until October 8th. Venus...

July 30th-August 5, 2023

July 30 Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Leo until August 23rd. It is time to show what you have. The Sun in Leo is all about highlighting your best self. Venus is in Leo until October 8th. Venus is retrograde at the moment working on things...

Boca Raton Contemporary Architect Bruce Celenski

Suppose Boca Raton, Florida, is the city of your choice. In that case, you need a leading Boca Raton architect to design your home. Bruce Celenski is a Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida contemporary architect known for his ability to design cutting-edge and...

How to Design Your New Contemporary Home

What Your Fort Lauderdale Architect Needs To Know What my clients want or need are not necessarily the same thing. Review our 6 step process for designing the home of your dreams. Dreams start to become a reality when they are put on paper. The visions in your head...

March 2024

Daily Data Moon Information

All times given are for Eastern Standard Time, or Eastern Daylight Time when appropriate. The Moon rules all day to day activities. When the Moon goes void it means it is a time to go with the flow. No guaranteed outcome. A down time, relax, don’t push, and take a break. The Moon is in a sign for about 2 ½ days. When it enters a sign it makes aspects or contacts Planets. This describes what the conditions are like at that time so you can act appropriately. When the Moon has finished these contacts in a given sign, it then goes void until it enters the next sign. Then it starts all over again with different conditions.

The Moon is New every 29.6 days. This is a lunar month. This is a cycle. If you set intentions at a New Moon, you will realize the results by the Full Moon two weeks later. There is a New Moon in each sign of the Zodiac during the year. Each lunation, you can choose the things that you want to get done that are appropriate to the sign the Moon is in. When a year has passed you will have accomplished everything, and you will feel right on time in your life.

When the Moon is moving from New to Full you start things, or do things that you want to increase. After the Moon is Full and it is decreasing, you finish things, or you do things you want to decrease.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is a time to clean up and fix things. It is not a time to make major decisions, sign papers, or buy high-end items. Sometimes things that have been long over-due will come up, and in that case you would take care of them. You can expect delays, confusion, and misplaced things. Just be patient!